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Six Carriers Gather in the 2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference

    Date : 2017/7/27 16:21:49

The 2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference hosted by SDNCTC will be ceremoniously held in the Presidential Hotel between August 2nd and 3rd 2017, which marks the sixth anniversary of the SDNFV conference. As one of the earliest SDN/NFV authoritative events, the Conference advances with the times with insight into the deployment cases and pains of SDN/NFV in WAN, datacenter, Mobile Networks, Metropolitan Area Network, park networks and IoT to feast the audience with technologies and viewpoints. Up until now, carriers at home represented by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and overseas carriers such as Telefonica, British Telecom and NTT DOCOMO will gather in Beijing to share the status quo of SDN/NFV in the communication industry and discuss the network transformation and future trend. These are some of the carriers and their representatives:

Chen Yunqing, Deputy Director of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute


China Telecom published China Telecom CTNet2015 Network Architecture Whitepaper in 2016, marking the official implementation of transformation into the new strategy. Supported by the SDN/NFV, cloud computing etc., with the infrastructure layer, network function layer and the synergetic orchestration layer as the architecture, with commitment to realizing 80% network function virtualization and building a new generation operation system. At the previous conference, according to Mr. Chen Yunqing, with the emergence of industrial cloud, users need one-stop customized and fast-responsive end-to-end flexible IP networks. The networks need to be realized with SDN/NFV and cloud technologies. At this conference, Mr. Chen Yunqing will also focus on this topic to discuss the Technologies and Commerce-Driven Scenarios in the Progress of Network Cloudification.

Duan Xiaodong, Director of China Mobile Network Institute Technology at China Mobile Research Institute


China Mobile took the lead in 2015 to propose its network restructure plan NovoNet and has committed a lot practices of SDN/NFV in datacenters, SPTN and WAN. In the speech last year, Duan Xiaodong focuses on the work done by China Mobile in NovoNet and future plans, achievements made in the open source project, with highlight that next generation network transformation is a must-do for carriers, and it is urgent, driven by the demand and technology. This year, Mr. Duan Xiaodong will bring the progress and achievements made by China Mobile in SDN/NFV. 

He Gang, Director of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute SDN/NFV Innovation Center


As China Unicom releases New Generation Network Architecture CUBE-Net2.0 Whitepaper, China Unicom is gradually practicing the vision of evolution into future network. With the introduction of SDN, NFV and cloud, the network service capability is enhanced, the operational cost is reduced and the architecture of networks is restructured for a healthy development. At the GNTC last year, China Unicom showed its basic target of network transformation and four keys to realizing Network as Service: expand the network channels, realize the network flexibility, enable the networks to be cuttable with the introduction of SDN/NFV and cloud technologies, realize the synergy of cloud channel and end, with the network operation per cloud and open the network capability. This year, what considerations does China Unicom have in the process of network restructuring and deployment? Let’s wait for the excellent speech from Dr. He Gang. 

Antonio Jose, Head of Network Virtualization Strategy & Technology, Telefonica


Telefónica, founded in 1924, is an international telecommunications company in Spain. It’s one of the biggest fixed lines and mobile telecom companies all over the world, which has clients in 21 countries across Europe, Africa and America. Antonio Jose Elizondo Armengol worked at Telefónica since 1998. He has been supporting the reform of telecom network and service platform from 2008. Since 2013, he has been the head of Network Virtualization strategy and technology. Over recent years, Telefonica is frequently active in SDN and NFV, in cooperation with many enterprises, to accelerate its strategic transition. In his speech, Antonio will lift the mysterious curtain in front of NFV of Telefonica.

Neal Gerber, Director of BT Connect Practice AMEA


BT started to launch its plan of Digital Possible since last year, focusing on future datacenters, SDNFV, 5G networks, IoT, Next Generation Digitized Customer Relation Management System (CRM) and security, with the steamed-up investment in Dynamic Network Services and a series of new technologies to enable enterprises to be faster, more convenient and more secure in implementing the IT consumption model based on the cloud, which facilitate their own successful transformation. This June, British Telecom announced its plan for next generation SDN architecture. In the future, how will BT deploy its tests? What actions will it take in the dynamic network services? Let’s wait for the great speech by Neal Gerber at this conference.

Kazuaki OBANA, Executive Research Engineer, NTT DOCOMO


NTT DOCOMO is a leading vanguard in the SDN and NFV commercial service and R&D, and Kazuaki OBANA has been doing R&D in NTT DOCOMO for almost 20 years, with current focus on the research of SDN and NFV related network solutions. At the GNTC last year, Mr. Kazuaki OBANA raised the issues of SDN/NFV, such as the interoperability between different vendors, gaps between Telco-system and IT cloud, etc. What strategies does NTT DOCOMO have for the next step? How will it deploy SDN/NFV in the future?


On top of the experts above, at the conference for 2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference, there will be more guests and representatives from international organizations, cloud datacenters, Internet companies, major vendors and solution providers in Beijing to discuss the practice and deployment of SDNFV to propel the global network restructuring through the exchanges of technologies and ideas. Now the application for the conference is well under way. Type in the discount code BIIGROUP to enjoy a free charge attendance. We are waiting for you.

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