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Zhao Huiling, China Institute of Communications Standing Director, will attend The Global SDNFV Tech Conference

    Date : 2017/7/26 15:56:09

The Global SDNFV Tech Conference( by BII-CFIEC will be ceremoniously opened in Beijing on August 2nd-3rd, 2017. As one of the leading tech conferences across the industry, the global SDNFV tech conference has matured into an important platform through a six-year journey where the communities both at home and abroad share ideas, discuss technologies and exchange for cooperation. Zhao Huiling, China Institute of Communications Standing Director, will attend this year’s Global SDNFV Tech Conference.



Last year, Ms. Zhao Huiling pointed out that the NFV performance was the factor that hindered the commercial deployment and that she hoped there could be some breakthroughs. One year later, what progress has NFV made in standardization and application? Does the problem of NFV performance still blow the headwind against the commercial deployment? Let’s wait for the keynote speech by Ms. Zhao Huiling.

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