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P4 Chair Changhoon Kim will attend The Global SDNFV Tech Conference

    Date : 2017/7/26 15:55:46

The Global SDNFV Tech Conference( by BII-CFIEC will be ceremoniously opened in Beijing on August 2-3, 2017. As one of the leading tech conferences across the industry, the global SDNFV tech conference has matured into an important platform through a six-year journey where the communities both at home and abroad share ideas, discuss technologies and exchange for cooperation. P4 Chair, Changhoon Kim, will attend this year’s Global SDNFV Tech Conference and make a keynote speech.



In recent years, SDN has achieved great success with its programmatic characteristics, but it always has limitation from the control level, and the data plane is still constrained by the fixed functions of the chip. P4 language extends the software definition to the chip level and opens another door. Although not long after its birth, AT&T, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have all started using P4 programmable switch chips to make their networks simpler, faster and programmable.

P4 workshop was really hot and popular at last year’s Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC), this year, we are looking forward to hearing more from Changhoon Kim!


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