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2017 SDNFV Fest Testing Event Initiated with the Amount of Software and Hardware Tested Reaching a New High

    Date : 2017/7/21 10:04:42

Recently the 2017 SDNFV Fest, jointly sponsored by SDNCTC and China CORD Industry Alliance, attended by China Unicom, H3C, Lenovo, Ruijie, VCMY, ZTE, Ixia and many other vendors, was officially initiated. It is learnt that the number of switches, routers and servers tested at this event is more than 40, and besides hardware, cloud platforms, MANO management platform and VNF software are also tested, with the amount of software and hardware tested climbing to a new high.

Image: 2017 SDNFV Fest Testing Event

Over recent years, the world is now shaking up a wave of network smart-oriented restructuring and infrastructure network transformation, and at the same time major vendors and internet companies are introducing more efficient, opener and faster network operation systems, with the irresistible trend of smart-oriented networking development. Against this background, the 2017 SDNFV Fest is designed as a comprehensive and all-dimensional tests towards a whole SDN/NFV solutions, with the focus on the SDNFV interoperability tests, the interoperability tests for the SDN south bound interfaces, the north bound interface compatibility tests, the compatibility tests for east and west bound interfaces, interoperability tests of NFVI&VIM and VNF, the interoperability tests of MANO and end-to-end scenario tests for the mixed networks between devices provided by different vendors, etc.

NFV testing effect beyond expectation with perfect openness

By now, NFV tests have been completed. Last event introduced the NFV tests for the first time, and this time the previously existing VNF tests continued to be conducted to test and validate the functions of virtual network element such as vRouter, vFW, vCPE and vBRAS. On such basis, new NFV interoperability tests are added. All the vendors have completed the interoperability tests for NFVI&VIM, VNF and MANO, with good interoperability resulting from the tests. Different cloud platforms from different vendors can be managed with MANO management platform. The VNF and even NS can be instantiated, with high success rates of interconnection. Regarding the virtualization of networks, the testing event gives full play to the openness of NFV and all virtual network functions can be run on an inter-compatible platform, which lays a firm foundation for fast deployment of network service and reduction of the maintenance difficulties.

In addition, as for the high-performance NFVI&VIM cloud platform solution, the testing event explores the performance tests where the transmission performance on the second and third layers of the cloud platform are piloted in the test. The test results will benefit the cloud platform providers to improve the platform performance and provide better infrastructure platform for the VNF that is running thereon.

End-to-end scenario tests attracts attention with CORD tests pending

2017 SDNFV Fest lasts for two weeks. In the following test activities, SDN southbound and northbound interfaces will gradually be tested. The basic tests are followed by the end-to-end multi-vendor mixed networking tests to examine under the technical framework of SDNFV, whether multi-vendor devices can successfully set up networks and whether they can send configuration through control interface to realize the traffic.

It is worth noting that during this testing event, the SDNCTC will join hands with China CORD Industry Alliance to hold CORD testing symposium at the same time to discuss the possibility and necessity of CORD tests. As a key project of ONF for promotion, CORD combines SDN, NFV and the cloud flexibility with the introduction of economics and cloud fastness into the datacenter. According to the report made by HIS Markit, over the next several years, over 70% carriers will deploy CORD in their central offices. The CORD testing symposium will, as a good starter, lay a good foundation for introducing CORD tests and certification in the future.

Test result fully output to be demonstrated on August 3rd

SDNFV Fest has been held for many sessions continuously, which have drawn extensive praises from the attending companies. One engineers from VCMY said that with the help of the open platform and the exchanges of the interoperability, the engineers from all vendors can understand from various aspects the forms of products from other vendors, realize the advantages and shortcomings of the products through the interconnection tests, improve the products to enhance the advantages of their own products.

2017 SDNFV Fest helps the industry identify and solve problems as fast as possible with the concerted efforts from carriers, test device vendors, device vendors, system providers, the third party test organizations throughout the whole industrial chain, in order to facilitate the fast deployment of SDN/NFV, increase the network deployment and its speed and reduce the difficulty of network maintenance.

It is learnt that the relevant results of the testing event will be showed at the 2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference, where the SDNFV Fest Showcase, 2017 SDNFV Fest Whitepaper and SDNFV Fest Mini Summit will be used to review the whole testing event. At present, the application for attending the conference is well under way. Type in BIIGROUP to get time-specific discount. Welcome to the Conference. 

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