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International Organizations Will Gather in Beijing to Discuss the Development and Application of SDN/NFV

    Date : 2017/7/18 17:19:04

2017 Global SDNFV Tech Conference will be held on August 2nd-3rd, 2017 at the Presidential Hotel in Beijing. This year marks the sixth year for the SDNFV conference. As one of the earliest authoritative events of SDNFV, the conference keeps abreast of the times and digs deep into the deployment cases and pains of SDNFV in the field of WAN, datacenter, mobile networks, LAN, parks and IoT to feast the audience with technologies and viewpoints. Up until now, ONF/ON.Lab, MEF, P4, OPNFV, CCSA and many other open source and international standardization organizations have confirmed their experts will attend this conference to share the status quo of the SDNFV development and discuss the network’s future trend.

Aseem Parikh, Vice president of ONF/ON.Lab

Aseem Parikh, Vice President Solutions and Partners at ONF/ON.Lab, a leader of SDN open source project CORD and ONOS, is responsible for the cooperation with network carriers and cloud service providers, defining POC and facilitating the transition of POC to trial use and final deployment to provide a complete platform and accelerate the development of SDN and NFV. Aseem Parikh will represent ONF to elaborate on ONOS and CORD to share the development status quo, latest application and potential and future value.

Nan Chen, MEF Chair

Nan Chen, MEF Chair (Metro Ethernet Forum). In order to meet the ever increasing challenges and accelerate the speed of network virtualization and further enrich its vision to build the Third Network, MEF announced its certificating programs of SDN/NFV/LSO including automation, virtualization and interoperability, with the aim to serve more participants in this May. At the beginning of this year, MEF announced that it would jointly develop a base for the API of the standardization of the whole telecom industry together with AT&T, Orange, Colt Technology and TM Forum. Upon realization, the service providers can realize the almost real-time cooperation between the SDN architectures and realize the on-the-demand service via automation and interoperable networks. At the SDNFV conference this year, Nan Chen will demonstrate the latest situation of the Third Network and discuss the blueprint for MEF in the future.

Changhoon Kim, P4 Chair

Changhoon Kim, P4 Chair(Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors). Over recent years, SDN has achieved great success thanks to its programmability. The programmable language P4 opens another gate in the cyber universe where it extend the SDN to chips. Not long into the world as it is, AT&T, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have already started to use the devices that contain P4 programmable chips, which enable its networks to be easier, faster and programmable. At the GNTC conference at the end of last year, P4 workshop was well and heavily attended with much attention drawn to it.

Zhao Huiling, TC3 Chairman of China Communications Standards Association

Zhao Huiling, TC3 Chairman of China Communications Standards Association. Last year, Chairman Zhao Huiling pointed out that the NFV performance was the factor that hindered the commercial deployment and that she hoped there could be some breakthroughs. One year later, what progress has NFV made in standardization and application? Does the problem of NFV performance still blow the headwind against the commercial deployment? Let’s wait for the keynote speech of Latest Progress of CCSA in NFV by Chairman Zhao Huiling.

Lingli Deng, Vice Chair of OPNFV Board

Lingli Deng, Vice Chair of OPNFV Board. Recently, in order to make OpenStack and OpenDaylight better satisfy the demands from carriers, OPNFV tried to make progress of Ipv6, provide upstream basic code, and shorten the time to find problems,etc.
In this fall, OPNFV will release new version called Euphrates which can help users better assess network functions, conduct platform benchmark tests, be compatible with OpenStack and DPDK and improve information acquisition and service. Lingli Deng joined China Mobile in 2009, she is a core member of the Novonet project, leading the work on evaluation and introduction of data plane acceleration technology and constructing the SDN/NFV trial network for the company. She has been representing the company in several open source communities, including OPNFV and OPEN-O/ONAP TSC and leading the OPNFV DPACC and OPEN-O NFV-O projects.

On top of the experts mentioned above, nearly a hundred experts from international organizations, carriers both at home and abroad, cloud data centers, dotcoms, device vendors and solution providers will gather in Beijing to discuss the SDN/NFV practice and deployment, through complete exchanges among technical ideas, to push the restructuring and redevelopment of global networks. Now, the application for attending the conference is well under way. Type in BIIGROUP as a discount code to enjoy time-specific free of charge attendance. Your attendance is highly expected!

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