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OFsuite Debut SDNFV Fest Workshop, Controller Performance Test Became a Focus

    Date : 2016/6/8 11:22:31

At the afternoon of June 1, SDNFV Fest Workshop was held in Beijing. At the Workshop , the Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC, independently developed OFsuite -the world's first completely covers the full spectrum of ONF OpenFlow v1.3 conformance test  specification– has experienced detailed and thorough presentation and live demonstration of the controller performance test, it has become one of the important things to watch at the SDNFV Fest Workshop that day.



On SDNFV Fest Workshop, June 1, senior engineer of SDNCTC  Zhang Pan was introducing OFsuite


It is learned that OFsuite is a comprehensive test suite independent developed by SDNCTC, it includes more than four hundred test cases scripts, can successfully achieve OpenFlow1.3 consistency and complete coverage of OpenFlow controller performance test specifications. OFsuite can run on any general-purpose Linux server, after connecting with DUT, it can perform conformance certification testing for the exchanger.

OFsuite Performance is the new member of the OFsuite toolbox independently developed by the Center. The testing tool is used for the OpenFlow controller performance tests, it can emulate a large amount of OpenFlow 1.3 switches in the general Linux servers and it can emulate different network topologies and all the OpenFlow events. In addition, the testing tool can operate in real SDN environment to effectively measure the controller’s capacity of processing the OpenFlow messages. The testing results can assess the SDN network performance at the user’s site and provide reliable data support during tests and commercial deployment. On top of OpenFlow message performance tests, it can enable the multi-controller connection, TLS encryption channel connection, visualization of the test results and other additional functions. The testing tool is simple, efficient, easy to use, and subject to sustainable updates to provide the users with more performance test cases and test scenarios.

SDN controller, as core component of control plane, its performance is related to performance of the entire SDN network. Development of OFsuite_Performance fill market vacancy of SDN controller system performance testing, and it has attracted great concern in the industry from the date of release. The test tool is simple, efficient, easy to use, and will continue to be updated to provide users with richer performance test cases and test scenarios.

By OFsuite_Performance test tools, SDNCTC have released RYU Performance Test Report, performance test report of OpenDaylight (ODL) controller Beryllium Version. and other test reports in succession. All contents of the reports has been completed by the support of OFsuite_Performance test tool, with great data reference and guiding significance.


OFsuite Performance Logo


On SDNFV Fest, held in May 16 - May 20, OFsuite testing tools also displayed their brilliance. It is learned that, many manufacturers, including Fiberhome, Ruijie, RAISECOM and VCMY, etc., have adopted OFsuite_Performance to do controller performance test, which contains 11 test cases.

On SDNFV Fest Workshop held on June 1, the technology demonstration link of OFsuite-performance testing tools for SDN controller performance testing has also been widely acclaimed. At the scene, engineers from SDNCTC and VCMY cooperated with each other, conducted test demonstration of SDN controller performance test case, which intuitively reflected strong controller performance testing capability of OFsuite-performance.

Director of SDNCTC Center Li Zhen expressed: "OFsuite_Performance is successfully developed by SDNCTC after extensive requirements collection and independent researchs, it has a groundbreaking contribution for SDN controller system performance testing. As an important member of OFsuite test tool suite, with controller performance as the starting point, OFsuite_Performance can provide comprehensive and detailed performance testing and validation for manufacturers. "

With OFsuite_Performance as a tool, SDNCTC will continue to help manufacturers validate overall performance of their products, equipment, and promote constant mature and improvement of their products, and continue to provide SDN controller test business in worldwide scope, provide SDN controller users with more multiple performance analysis methods and tools, as well as detailed and effective data support, providing basis for network user to select high-performance SDN controller, so as to promote SDN industry to rapidly enter the mature stage.


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