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SDNFV Fest Workshop was Held Successfully, Panorama of SDN / NFV Testing Results were Displayed

    Date : 2016/6/6 11:16:13

June 1, SDNFV Fest Workshop co-hosted by ONF, BII-SDNCTC and Ixia was opened in Beijing. As an important part of the "2016 Global SDNFV Tech Conference", SDNFV Fest Workshop will, by form of Forum presentation and introduction, live demonstrations and restoration and Showcase comprehensive display, make three-dimensional present important results achieved in SDNFV Fest testing event successfully held in May 16 -20, test participating manufacturers’ equipment and solutions as well as the latest testing tools and technology development have attracted great attention of the industry professionals and guests.

In the morning, SDNFV Fest Showcase has already been well prepared. It is understood that more than 20 devices from Accton, CertusNet, Cobham, Fiberhome, H3C, Huawei, Ixia, Pica8, Radisys, RAISECOM, Ruijie, Spirent, VCMY, xNet and other 14 enterprises have experienced comprehensive display on this showcase, including SDN controller, SDN exchanger, SDN/NFV solutions and test instrument. On the scene, all manufacturers’ equipment have been placed in the display cabinet in order, and name tag next to each corresponding device show the device's performance and manufacturer and other relevant information is clear at a glance. On the Showcase, manufacturers’ equipment and solutions have been fully demonstrated, and have attracted many guests stop to watch.



SDNFV Fest Showcase


SDNFV Fest Workshop started at 14:00. Vice-Chairman of ONF Testing Working Group, Vice Chair of ONF Test & Interop Working Group, Senior Engineer of SDNCTC Zhang Pan and Ixia Product Manager David Yang reviewed and summarized SDNFV Fest previously. In this part, basic information of the testing activity, such as participating manufacturers, test participating equipment and test schedule and other information was presented, and SDN performance testing, SDN interoperability testing, Openflow v1.3 conformance testing, NFV testing and SDN / NFV program testing and other testing contents, testing tools, and testing activity results output and follow-up testing arrangements were briefly explained.

Among them, as an important output of SDNFV Fest, "2016 Spring SDNFV Fest White Paper" was not only released at the main venue of "2016 Global SDNFV Tech Conference", but also was mentioned again on the testing forum. In the Testing White Paper, general situation of the testing activity was systematically summarized, testing content, testing methods and testing procedures were sorted and described in details, and neutral statistics and analysis obtained Openflow v1.3 protocol conformance testing, SDN controller performance testing, VxLAN performance testing and testing results in other aspects were released, and new testing contents in the future was prospected. The White Paper was subject to actual test, summary and issuance by an impartial third party SDNCTC, with authority and neutrality, so it has considerable reference and guiding significance for manufacturers to constantly promote the equipment optimization and improvement and SDN / NFV deployment.

In addition, another remarkable part of SDNFV Fest Workshop is presentation of OFsuite-performance test tool independently developed by SDNCTC and technology demonstration targeting for SDN controller performance test. On the scene, engineers from SDNCTC and VCMY cooperated with each other, conducted test demonstration of SDN controller performance test case, the demonstration process and results are displayed directly on the site screen, which intuitively reflected strong and excellent testing capability of OFsuite-performance.


SDNFV Fest Testing Forum site


Subsequently, H3C, Ruijie, Ixia, VCMY and other manufacturers conducted presentations and demonstrations of their test solutions. Of which, H3C’s "vBRAS and ADWAN solutions," Ruijie’s "Service Chain solution", Ixia’s "SDN/NFV testing program," VCMY’s "SDN controller solution" were introduced by presentation, their product solutions for SDN were shared, and they brought a lot of the latest technological solutions. At the same time, engineers from various manufacturers also cooperated with each other, conducted on-site technology demonstration for their own solutions, and the test scenarios and test process were highly restored.

Li Zhen -Director of SDNCTC said at the scene: "SDNFV Fest Workshop and Field Showcase are further extension of 2016 Spring SDNFV Fest which successfully held in May 16 to 20, is a comprehensive test output and outcome display platform. Numerous test participating manufacturers and professionals gathered, with SDN technical level as the key point, conducted in-depth analysis of dynamic industry trends, and jointly promote exchange and cooperation and synergetic development between manufacturers. "


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