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IPv6 Summit Is Approaching, Past Events Witnesses China IPv6 Process

    Date : 2015/7/31 12:08:19

On 7th September, “Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015” ( will be grandly held in the Presidential Hotel in Beijing. The Summit will be jointly held by Global IPv6 Forum and BII Group with the theme of “IPv6 Era is Around the Corner, Are You Ready?”, and discuss hot issues including “The technology Focus and Mainstream Solution of Large-scale IPv6 Deployment”, “Affects and Challenges to Network Security Brought by IPv6 Development” and “IPv6 Boosts the Connection Among All Things”


As the most important next-generation promotion platform of Internet industry in the world, 15 consecutive summits has been held since the first Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit (hereinafter referred to as “IPv6 Summit”) in 2001, becoming the most authoritative and longest standing icon of grand next-generation Internet meeting in China and even the whole world, which witnesses the entire process from the beginning, to the flourishing and then to commercial deployment phase of whole IPv6 industry.


Keyword One: Summit Theme


Reviewing past summits, it is obvious that theme of each IPv6 Summit was closely related to the development pulse of the industry, gradually gets deeper, and has good timeliness and foresight. From the development course of IPv6 Summit, we can not only comprehensively understand the developing track of IPv6 industry, but also even foresee the future direction of global next-generation Internet industry.


Theme of Past IPv6 Summits(Part)


1.  The Initial Stage of IPv6 Industry: CNGI Promotes the Rapid Development of China’s Next-generation Internet


At the initial stage of IPv6 Summit, China’s next-generation Internet industry was in the start stage too, and the industry still held the wait-and-see attitude. In 2003, China’s eight ministries and commissions jointly initiated China’s Next-generation Internet Program (CNGI Program), and its special background, large scale and wide range made it a milestone of the development history of IPv6 industry. Thus, summit at this stage would focus more on the deployment of China’s IPv6, and discuss summit themes including “How to Deploy IPv6 in China” (2003), “CNGI-ing: China IPv6 Engine” (2004) and “CNGI and IPv6: Infinite Innovation, China Realizes” (2005). As Wu Hequan, the Expert Committee Director and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said at the 3rd IPv6 Summit, the implementation of CNGI would further enhance China’s core competence in developing the next-generation Internet, and meanwhile, actively promote us to participate in the formulating, and research and development of international next-generation Internet standard, serving China’s informatization construction.


2.  IPv6 Product Landing: Becomes the New Engine of Economy


From 2004 to 2009, as Internet transited from IPv4 to IPv6, it brought the changes in network’s basic technology, and more importantly, will eventually influence the existing pattern of Internet and the intercommunication industry, change people’s lifestyle, and study and work style, and create massive commercial opportunity and profit prospects. Hence, IPv6 summits at this stage took “IPv6 Boosts New Network”(2006), “ Innovation Has No Limits, Application Creates Commercial Opportunities ”(2007) and “Confident Internet, New Engine of Economy”(2009) as themes respectively, and manufacturers at home and abroad stated their latest commercial cases, IPv6 product research and development application and technical development situation at summits.


3.  IPv6 Commercial Popularization: Operators Deployment Takes the Opportunities First


With the continual development of Internet and information technology, the construction and application of global IPv6 gradually accelerates, and IPv6 is stepping into the commercial stage gradually. World’s leading operators like China Telecom, China Mobile, AT&T and Comcast all start to deploy IPv6 network, promote the commercial process of IPv6 network, and discover the best commercial mode of evolution towards next-generation Internet. Therefore, IPv6 summits of 2010 and 2011 were about “China’s First Commercial Year of IPv6”, “IPv6 Commercial Network and Rich Applications: World Sees China” and other themes separately.


4.  IPv6 Enters Climax: Dual Drive of Policies and Market


To further accelerate China’s IPv6 process, our country consecutively issues IPv6 favor policies like “Comments On ‘the 12th Five-year Plan’ Development and Construction of Next-generation Internet” and “Broadband China”. Policy introduction also obviously causes the fast development of China’s IPv6 market, manufacturers actively deploy IPv6 and take device supporting IPv6 as one important indicator of the market promotion. With the dual drive of policies and market, the number of China’s IPv6 users hugely increases and IPv6 industry development gradually goes towards the zenith. Thus, from 2012 to 2014, IPv6 summits respectively discussed themes like “Accelerate IPv6 Next-generation Internet Development and Boost National Strategy ‘Broadband China’”, and “Accelerate the Construction of New-generation Information Infrastructure, and Stimulate the Extensive Application of Information Network Technology” to help the industry landing to the most under the dual guidance of policies and market.


Keyword Two: Authoritative Experts


Part of Guests of Past IPv6 Summits


As an important component of a meeting, guests of IPv6 always enjoy extensive attention. Hundreds of the world’s top experts in the industry including Vint Cerf, Father of Internet, ICANN Chairman Fadi Chehade, Internet Society of China (ISOC) Chairman Fred Baker, Latif Ladid, President of Global IPv6 Forum, Wu Hequan, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Yunjie, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hu Qiheng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jawad Khaki, Global Vice President of Microsoft Company, Bob Hinden, Chair of IETF IPv6 Working Group, Zhao Houlin, Secretary General of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), have attended IPv6 Summit to make important speeches, and share the latest trends of the industry.


Among them, Doctor Vint Cerf, Father of Internet and Designer of TCP/IP Protocol used to attend IPv6 summits many times, communicated with China’s industry representatives face to face and shared opinions on problems like global Internet development process, existing Internet problems and China’s Internet development direction, will more or like to attend the incoming “Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015” on 7th September again.


Keyword 3: Vendors around the World


Part of Enterprises Supporting Past IPv6 Summits


Through the whole journey, IPv6 Summit has gained great support from over one hundred global manufacturers including Intel, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei, ZTE and Dell who used to sponsor or attend IPv6 Summits. By sharing their latest IPv6 products and solutions, participating in related IPv6 testing activities, and delivering live theme speeches and other ways at summits, when enterprises use IPv6 summits to complete their brand promotion, they can also find many partners to benefit each other and achieve win-win result, promoting the industry ahead.


Keyword Four: Brand Influence


According to statistics, present audience of past IPv6 summits added up to ten thousands of people and influenced over 100 million people; industry representatives at home and abroad shared IPv6 research and deployment progress from the their study and research at past summits, and jointly sought the industry reform and development.


By strong influence, IPv6 summits attract extensive attention of domestic and foreign media. Hundreds of authoritative media including Xinhua News Agency, Posts and Telecom Press, Science and Technology Daily, Guangming Daily, Reuter’s News Agency, and Business Week prioritize reporting the summits, portal websites like, Netease and Phoenixnet used to conduct live graphic and text broadcast of IPv6 summits consecutively, letting more off-site audience can also know clearly the splendid moments of the scene.  


Moreover, as the wind vane of the industry, during every past IPv6 summit, the related stock market would grow. According to the media report, during the IPv6 summit of 2014, China’s “Next-generation Internet section” stock rose by 1.29%. Part of related enterprises’ stocks rose by over 8%.


On 7th September, annual “Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit” will be grandly held in Beijing. We can foresee that with its strong brand effect, and the participation of authoritative experts at home and abroad, the world’s top vendors and audience, the IPv6 industry will be ignited again, enduring and boosting the next-generation Internet to embrace the coming of the IPv6 Age in all directions. Currently, registration is in full swing; for more information, please visit

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