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China SDN Commission

    Date : 2015/7/27 14:55:57

On 6 December 2012, China SDN Commission was officially established. The member organizations of the Commission include scientific and technological institutions, operators, device suppliers and large internet companies, with an extensive coverage of industrial chains and an overall combination of industry, education and research.The established China SDN Commission will organize SDN information and technology exchanges in Chinese IT industry, integrating theory with practice and discussing the development and evolution of relevant technological standards so as to promote future network technologies.

At the China SDN and Open Network Summit 2012 on the day, the Commission officially held the opening ceremony, with twelve institutions – Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Internet Institute, China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, TECENT TECHNOLOGY, HUAWEi, ZTE, Digital China, H3C, Centec Network, Green Network and Ruijie Networks – jointly unveiling the grand curtain of the Commission. Professor Wu Chunming from Zhejiang University was appointed as the Honor Chairman Commissioner, Professor Bi Jun from Tsinghua University as the Standing Vice Chairman Commissioner, General Engineer Zhao Huling from China Telecom  Beijing Research Institute and President Liu Dong from Beijing Internet Institute as the Vice Chairman Commissioners.



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