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Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015

    Date : 2015/7/14 10:36:53


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Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015 will be grandly held in The Presidential Beijing Hotel on September 7. The summit is jointly held by IPv6 Forum and BII, and it has also received great support from IAB, ICANN, APNIC, IETF, IEEE, 5G World Alliance, ETSI and ONF, etc. The summit will have discussions on the IPv6 relevant technologies and applications in this era of exhausting IP address and rapid growth of Internet application.




With the rapid development of 4G/5G network, IOT, mobile Internet, cloud computing, SDN, virtualization, smart home and Internet of vehicles, the demand of Internet is no longer limited to the exhausting IP address, but extends to the end-to-end interconnection and permanently stable IP address. It has a higher requirement for the security, management, maintenance as well as the operation of the next generation. So, how to achieve "Gradually stop IPv4, deploy IPv6 in full scale and start to use Internet of the 21st century" (Vint Cerf, Father of Internet)? How will LTE network fully support IPv6? How will SDN, virtualization technology, cloud computing and IPv6 mutually develop?


Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2015 adopts the theme of IPv6 Era is Around the Corner, Are You Ready?, and will invite over 20 speakers, 120+ operator representatives, 200+ manufacturer representatives, 50+ user enterprises, and 30+ media representatives to present on the event and have in-depth discussion on the topics above. Meanwhile, therell also be IPv6 ShowCase on site to fully present products, software services and IPv6 multi-solutions provided by those vendors who have already passed the IPv6 Ready Test in China. Global IPv6 Test Center will provide IPv6 Ready Real-time test, SDN/IPv6 integration test and IPv6 Enabled query as well as IPv6 Education Q&A on site. In the spirit of building a product & learning communication platform and propelling the development of IPv6 in China, the Summit will better support the construction of next generation of China and even the whole world.



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